Velcro roller wet set -Short Vintage Hairstyle

My mum let me try out a wet set vintage hairstyle on her short hair. Think Maggie the Cat/ Elizabeth Taylor and Leslie Caron in An American in Paris. Short curls are brought round to frame the face in both.

Wet set with Velcro rollers

You will need; Velcro rollers, hair pins, comb, setting lotion, hairspray

Hair should be damp, with a spray of setting lotion brushed through.

1) Start with smaller rollers around the front and sides. Work out from your parting. Mum has a side parting.

2) Use bigger rollers at the back where you want to brush the curls together. The set them, the more volume you get, so this could be used for a Sixties set as well. If you want curls at the nape of the neck, use small rollers or pincurl.

3) Time to paint nails, do make-up, watch a film… Use a diffuser if you want to finish off the drying. I find letting it dry naturally works best for a smoother finish.

4) Take out rollers without pulling the curl out. Comb through with hairspray where you want the hair to lie flat.

5) Use the comb and your fingers to style the curls around your face. Use pomade or styling cream if you need to. Hairspray to hold. A natural hold hairspray works well, so you don’t get crunchy hair.

Fifties hair and make-up

With thanks to Mum for modelling.


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