Price Guide


Dress making dummy

This price guide will give you an idea of the cost of commissions.

1930’s dress £140-£170

1940’s dress £140-£160

1950’s dress £140-£180

1960’s shift dress £120-£150

Blouse £55-65

Trousers/ slacks £55-£90

Skirt £40-£75

Two-piece suit (lined) £160-£200

Jacket £75-£100

Coat £180-£200

Beach set/ playsuit £70-£80

Shorts £40-£60

Jumpsuit/beach pyjamas £100-£120

Neck tie £20-£30

Obviously, if I need to draw up an original pattern or replicate one using images of the garment on film, there will be an added cost.

The cost and availability of the required materials may affect the price.