Vintage Hairdresser Found!

Living hidden away in Somerset (UK) I love browsing the web to find hairdressers that specialise in vintage haircuts and styling. There are some I’d love to frequent in London, if I lived there. Which I don’t. Hence the struggle to find a suitable hairdresser locally.

Maybe it’s a cheat, but my friend has started in the vintage line hairwise, so after my first cut and style, I’m sure I’ve found My Hairdresser. Even better, Kate Eliza does home visits, so I don’t even have to leave the house!

Below are the two cuts Kate Eliza did at my house, including guest model, my Mum.

The short style is a Fifties Italian cut, which model Dovima and Elizabeth Taylor sported.

My hair is inspired by Rita Hayworth, epitomised in the Forties film noir Gilda.

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