Jamaica Inn – Mary Yellan


Jessica Brown-Findlay wears this lovely red dress in the BBC’s latest dramatisation of Jamaica Inn. I altered a pattern for a regency (Jane Austen) style dress.  The ‘blouse’ is actually a maxi dress from Topshop and the leather boots from La Redoute.

I watched the DVD several times to get the correct fastening detail and neckline. The gathers along the yoke give more width along with cutting it as an A-line skirt. This makes it practical for walking. I intend on taking this dress next time I go on holiday on the moors. You might get a picture of the muddy dress then!

The real Jamaica Inn, as it is today

As promised, I have a few photos on Bodmin Moor, by Dozmary Pool. This is close to Jamaica Inn.

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I also went walking from Minions (a real village!) to the Hurlers and Cheesewring Mine in this dress and leather boots. Proof it is practical to walk across the moors in a dress. I wore a What Katie Did corset too (a version similar to the Sophia), just to find out what it was like, and it actually kept me nice and warm! It wasn’t uncomfortable, as I’m not training my waist, but just wore it snug to my natural shape. The support for good posture was actually quite nice, but I couldn’t curl up on the sofa!

Anyone else done this or am I the only one? Comment, DM on Instagram or email any enquiries about the dress. Any requests are made to order.

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