Swinging Sixties Star Trek Dress

This amazing dress or tabbard is original Sixties and it’s so much fun to wear. It reminds me of the original Star Trek costumes for the beautiful alien princesses. Amazing interstellar designers, obviously.

I was given this by a friend who wore it the first time round, and I’m so glad she kept her favourite things. The pattern and colours remind me of vintage Pucci.

Blue sandals – La Redoute

Gold slingbacks – Clarks

Sixties Pucci

I have a nude coloured slip and a cream shift that I can wear under this dress, as it is sheer and has long slits up both sides. The neckline is sequinned and the only thing that stops me wearing this more, as it looks dressy.

I wore this first to a fancy dress party, which broke it in, and got me used to the brightness and sparkles. I’d love to make or find a catsuit/ unitard to wear underneath for a more comfortable, lounging outfit.

Any ideas where I could find one? I think I’ve seen a dress pattern for a unitard, but it would be so much easier to buy one. Any Emma Peelers out there?


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