Japan – Part 1

Japan travel preparations

Tomorrow I’m off to Japan for 3 weeks with my brother! So, sorry for the lack of posting lately, I have had clothes spread across my floor as I planned a co-ordinating wardrobe and comfy shoes. I wish I could wear high heel s all the time, but being realistic, there will be plenty of walking.


I’ve gone for a set group of colours and started with a basic set of dress, skirt, cardi and trousers + 7 blouses, 1 pair of heels and 2 pairs of flats. Can you pick out my colour theme?

After this, I did add a few extra things, as I had space. Plus, climbing Mouth Fuji meant packing some walking gear too.

Although we have a washing machine at our airbnb flat in Saitama, I don’t want to be stuck inside doing laundry too often!

I’ve chosen a few groups of accessories I can mix and match. It’s a shame, but I don’t think I’ll pack any hats (I’m scared to squash them).


What I’ll take on the plane

We’ll have 2 flights to get to Japan, so I wanted to be comfortable for the long flight. as well as flight socks, I’ll take a few other things to make the journey more pleasant and keep a basic beauty routine.

In flight handbag and what I’ll wear
  • Moisturiser, pore minimizer, concealer, powder & lipstick
  • Face cleansing wipes & deodorant wipes, toothpaste, eye drops & hand sanitiser
  • Micro perfume (tester size), gold eyeshadow
  • Pashmina, iPod and some puzzles

A few things plan ahead before you go to Japan

  • Japan Rail Pass – Check which type of pass and dates required, which lines you’ll need and if this will cover them. It doesn’t include the Shinkansen (bullet train). However, if you will travel around Japan, it is great value and may still save you money, even if you have to buy a ticket  for the odd trip not included on JR lines.
  • Currency – Even with the recently fluctuating exchange rates for the £, shop around for a good deal and buy Yen before you go.
  • Currency card- Japan is a cash society, so you may need to exchange more currency once there, but don’t rely on withdrawing cash, as many ATM’s only work with Japanese cards. Locate a Post Office or 7/11 for Western cards. A currency card that can be topped-up via an app is the most useful.
  • Check the expiry on your passport!

The more I read about Japan, the more excited I am about visiting. I don’t think 3 weeks is enough now, but it’s going to be an amazing taster of another (very beautiful) world.

I’m lucky to have a brilliant travel and events organiser (my brother), so I hope to post what we’re up to. If i don’t have a chance, I’ll write it up on my return. Follow me on Instagram (@thegirllovesvintage) and subscribe to my blog to stay up-to-date.

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