Avon Nail Art trial


Trying out Avon’s false nails with printed nail art. I don’t usually like false nails, but these are short and funky. How easy are they to apply and how long will they last? My mum offered to test them.


Gap created by curve of nail

The nails are self adhesive, so really easy to apply. However, the curve means it didn’t sit close to a flatter nail bed. A gap is visible on the forefinger.

Day 1


The nail with the gap needed to be reapplied (with nail glue, although I used eyelash glue) because it started to come loose (because of the gap). Mum used a smaller nail from the set instead of re-using the old nail. Although they suffered grouting tiles in the shower (with gloves on). So pretty strong. You can see a slight white edge, like you get with nail varnish. It wasn’t noticeable.

The glue kept the loose nail on, and by day 5 the pattern was clearly wearing on the edges. I’d think about getting these again when it is a pattern I like. Much quicker than freehand art.