The Avengers – Tara King’s thigh high boots


While Diana Rigg as Mrs Peel is my favourite (and her clothes), a few things from Tara King’s wardrobe have been on my wish list. The late Sixties fashion Tara wears generally have a Seventies feel, with garish colour combinations, brown, mini skirts and wide collars, which I don’t wear. I like the purple Palazzo pants and the mustard pair Tara wears with a purple wrapover top.

The evening dresses are pretty, and also the Edwardian outfits in the episode Pandora. For similar inspiration see my post on The Assassination Bureau.

Before the Sixties were over, however, there was one brief moment where thigh high boots were set to replace the need for stockings and tights. Tights reigned supreme though, easy to change, cheap to buy multiple colours and patterns, with the added bonus of modesty with ever decreasing hemlines.

Now some features of this era are back on the high street, like playsuits and over-the-knee boots, I redoubled my efforts to find thigh high boots. Only, I had specifications. They must fit well like Tara’s.

  • Snug on the ankle
  • Stretch pull-on
  • Thigh high
  • Preferably leather shoe uppers (for longer lasting wear)
  • Mid block heel
  • Round to square toes

So many of the boots on offer are suede or suede effect, which living in a rainy country, reduces wearability drastically. I don’t want to wear boots in the Summer, but in the Winter! Also, because they are high street, the average fit is larger of ankle and narrower above the knee, which is no good for a shapely pair of pins.

My first pair I bought are over-the-knee brown suede look boots. I was so pleased to find an affordable pair I actually liked, even though they were suede. You can see them on How to Wear (Faux) Fur.

However, I am now ecstatic at finding a leather pair of thigh high boots that meet the other specs too. Now I’ll have to make the playsuit.

Bowler hat and thigh high boots Tara King style

So, A-line cut shorts are the flattering and modest way to go with this look. I’ve tried leggings under a tunic/ mini dress, but the leg slips slowly down. Jeans have little more friction. Bare legs are no good for keeping these boots up, either. There must be a trick to it. Hairspray à la Miss Congeniality?

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A few of my favourite outfits. Find a definitive breakdown of all The Avengers clothes at


7 thoughts on “The Avengers – Tara King’s thigh high boots

  1. Nice thighboots and outfits tara king style. Have you been wearing the thighboots more day to day style. Also could you fight like tara king in them lol


  2. Thank you. The best bit of Tara King’s time as an Avenger was her wardrobe, beginning with this appealing look. Looking good, acting poor — though perhaps not all her fault, being a novice, told to slim for the part, and, furthermore, find the director is removed after filming three episodes, and having to start all over again. But you have brought back the good looks and the better appreciation.


  3. Many thanks for the wonderful website. May I ask where you have found the boots. I am looking for similar leather low heel crotch boots. Do you have any idea for me. Thanks


    • Thanks, Jo. I got my boots from The style is still fashionable so I’m sure they’ll add similar designs. Check out eBay and similar sites too. I hope your hunt is successful.


  4. Fantastic Tara look. I thought it was her at first!! Really beautiful and the thigh boots are unbelievable. You must turn many heads. Beautiful.


    • Lovely to hear your wife loves these boots too. Fur lined sounds wonderful! Perfect for winter. I don’t think I would want to take them off!


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