Choosing outfits for a weekend in London

I’ll be in London for three days, so want to plan 3 day outfits and 2 evening outfits.  My shoes need to be comfortable for walking and getting around the Underground. Heels beware gratings!

Day 1 will be travelling by train and carrying my luggage (so 1 handbag & 1 weekend bag). Also, museum. Out for dinner in the evening.

Day 2 is wandering, possibly a market (Portobello Road?) with dinner and theatre in the evening.

Day 3 will be at a gallery, and travelling home.

Pyjamas need to be sensible and matching (if there’s a fire drill at the hotel I want to be happy to be seen in public!)

Above are 2 evening outfits. I’ll probably wear the lilac dress to the theatre.

My travelling and Museum outfit with option of cardi or denim jacket. Mid-height heeled Mary Jane’s that I regularly wear because they are comfortable.

The dress will probably be Saturday, and I can put my flats in my handbag (with shoulder strap). I’ve co-ordinated my daytime pieces so I still have some choice.

I have managed to stick with 1 coat, 1 handbag and 3 pairs of shoes. I only have this to carry!


I hope to post some snaps from out in the field in the next week or two. Need any advice on packing or have any questions, let me know, and I’ll try to answer.

Pola’s cats eye glasses


When I first watched ‘How to Marry a Millionaire’ I decided if I ever had to wear glasses, I’d have Pola’s. Pola is the ‘blind as a bat’ character played by Marilyn Monroe. So, my checklist: Cats eye shape, but not too narrow; Black graduating to clear frames; Diamante along the eyebrow. Not too much to ask, surely.

I was so pleased when I had to get glasses, but the hunt for my dream glasses took a while. Reader, I found them.

These are the Muriel model by DSquared2.

Bottega Veneta style Dress

Bottega Veneta S/S 07

I was so happy when I found a dress like this. It had a tie neck, so I folded the straps back to make a wider band at the join and added two large old bronze poppers at the nape of the neck. I reinforced the cotton with some leather where the poppers were added.

Twisted halter neck deail
Twisted halter neck deail


Pleats and gathering
Pleats and gathering
I saw this advert in Vogue and added it to my mental wishlist. It’s amazing what you can find when you know what you’re looking for.
Rocky photobombing

BVdressfull4 BVdressfull2